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June 1, 2008
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Disney High, the Princes by vertiklychalingd Disney High, the Princes by vertiklychalingd

the disney princes, in all their high school glory.

(left to right):

snow white's prince: okay, this guy's so lame he doesn't even get a name in the story. he gets about one line, and he looked like kind of a dweeb, hence his role as resident bookworm-nerd.
shang: the rotc hardass. apparently he doesn't think john smith is mysterious enough for the dark side of the moon...
john smith: the hippie! think sunshine from remember the titans. also, note the moccasins. :)
eric: i know he's not a drastic stereotype, but he and aladdin are two of my favorites so i kind of just ended up making them hot. he's the "guitar guy"
aladdin: you can't tell here, but i've decided he's the class-clown/prankster. i have this morbid fear of clowns, so dressing him up as such was a total no-no.
prince charming: "i'm a tool, i'm a tool. i'm a tool-tool-tool." he's the super-prep who loves popping that polo collar and wearing his sunglasses at night.
philip: baseball jock. the bat was supposed to represent his sword, but i think i just ended up making it look phallic. meh, swords are always phallic anyway...
beast/adam: one. apparently, the beast actually has a name. blew my mind. two. CHEER UP, EMO KID!!! (this one turned out to be one of my favorites.)
hercules: obvious choice, the football jock.

voila! this was also one of my lame attempts at a nicer background than my other stuff. turned out alright, until i realized i needed some kind of structure to anchor it. sooo i haphazardly traced cinderella's castle and colored it in.

lastly: I HAS A TABLET!!! this is my first big project using it, so. um. SUPEREXCITING.

seriously, i'm done now.
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You think bookworms nerds are lame? :PNice drawing though.
Cool :)
goldenlion1997 Jul 20, 2013  Student Writer
like the idea...but shang looks too dark.
I LOVE this!
LoreMaster01 Mar 26, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
The prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is named Ferdinand.
Actually, my sister has bought loads of disney prince and princess dolls, and on the back it names them all. It names him the prince, and that's an official disney product, almost a century ago, he was named the prince and it will stay that way.
LoreMaster01 May 19, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, Disney is generic.
Aww, now I wanna huggle Emo Adam! And hellooooooo, shirtless John! :drool:

Just BTW, Snow White's prince is named Ferdinand. Just something I read.
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